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Article 1

The Executive Committee is constituted by

  1. The President
  2. The Vice-President
  3. The Past President
  4. The Secretary general and the Assistant Secretary
  5. The Treasurer and the Assistant Treasurer

Article 2

The president presides the meetings of the Executive committee and the General Assembly. He also shall appoint special committees and commissions in consultation with the Executive Committee.

The Vice-President assists the President and assumes the duties of the President in his absence.

Article 3

The Secretary-General conducts the affairs of the LICOCE under the direction of the Executive Committee.

The Assistant Secretary assists the Secretary and assumes his duties in his absence.






Articles 4

The Treasurer administers the accounts of the Society. He is assisted by the Assistant Treasurer.


No person will occupy a seat on the Executive Committee for a period exceeding a maximum of eight years.

Articles 6

Each Commission will have a Chairman and a Secretary. It will receive and acknowledge written instructions.

Articles 7

The term of office of each Commission expires at the end of the mandate of the general Assembly but it may be renewed in the same or a revised composition by the new president of the Society.

Articles 8

The Chairman of each Commission makes interim reports and recommendations to the Executive Committee as deemed necessary and, at the end of the fiscal period, to the General Assembly.


The Executive Committee can arrange congress and meetings as deemed necessary. Once a year a General Assembly is convened.

Articles 10

The fiscal period extends from the adjournment of one General Assembly to the adjournment of the next one. Under unusual circumstances this may be changed by the Executive Committee, but it shall not be shorter than 6 months or longer than 2 years.

Article 11

The Society must send to the ILAE Secretary-General the names and contac information of its officers within thirty days after the General Assembly meeting during wich a new Executive Committee takes office. Any changes in contact addresses must be immediately reported to the Secretary General of ILAE.




Article 12

Any changes to the Statutes and By-Laws will be submitted to the Secretary General of ILAE within thirty days after Chapter’s General Assembly.

Article 13

By March of each year, the Chapter will upload/enter database including e-mail addresses to the ILAE website.

Article 14

Before October 1 of each year, the Society shall pay to ILAE annual dues which shall be proportional to the number of dues paying as of December 31 of the previous year, and shall be fixed for each fiscal period of the General Assembly.

Article 15

Executive Committee members, officers, and other authorized staff, volunteers, or agents of the LICOCE will be indemnified against claims arising in connection with their positions or activities on behalf of the Society to the full extent permitted by law.

Article 16

The Executive Committee has the power to amend these by-laws by the affirmative vote of a majority of voting Executive Committee members  then in office, provided that notice of the proposal to amend the Bay laws is provided to the Executive Committee with at least thirty days notice.

The President                                                              The Secretary General