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The Congolese League Against Epilepsy (LICOCE) organized a workshop on Epilepsy from September 6th to 11th in Kinshasa. This workshop was financially supported by the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) through its Commission on African Affairs (CAA) and the African Regional Committee (ARC) of The International Brain Research Organization (IBRO). It is worth to mention that this event was the first collaborative experience between ILAE and IBRO.


Participants at the Kinshasa ILAE/IBRO Workshop on Epilepsy, September 6th -11th 2015

The first day of the workshop was devoted to the epidemiology of epilepsy in the world prior to a discussion on the known figures in Africa. The causes of the disease have been addressed with a special emphasis put on infectious and parasitic diseases which still influenced the etiology of epilepsy in Africa. Information has been provided on the new definition of the disease and its classification. Techniques of EEG, video-EEG, and brain imagery were discussed. An important part of the workshop was devoted to the recording of EEG. Practical exercises relating to the recording of the EEG were carried out. Readings of normal and abnormal EEG in Children and in Adults were carried out in groups of faculty and students. Another chapter of the workshop was devoted to treatment issues.

ParticipantscamefromBurundi,Cameroon, Senegal,BeninandMorocco. Residents in neuropsychiatryfrom KinshasaandinsideoftheDRCalso attended theWorkshop.The Faculty was recruitedamongthespecialists in the field of Epilepsy fromBelgium,France,USA, UK, ItalyandDRC.


Faculty and Students at the Kinshasa ILAE/IBRO Workshop on Epilepsy

The organizers thank ILAE and IBRO for their effort to support financially the workshop. They also thank Congolese authorities and partners (Immigration Service, Rawbank, the Federation of the Congolese Entrepreneurs (FEC), and the Sultani Hotel for their assistance. The organizers express also their gratitude to the President of DRC who has accepted that the workshop be organized under his patronage.


For the Organizing Committee

Pierre Mesu ‘a Kabwa Luabeya